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Sherman College has always taken pride in the quality of its graduates and the contributions they make to the profession of chiropractic. That quality is a direct result of the college’s strong instructional program and its emphasis on the philosophy of chiropractic.

But what Sherman’s staff and administration have also come to understand is that quality instruction in philosophy and technique is not enough. In order for graduates to reach the level of success that they and the college want for them, they also need to understand the practical elements that go into establishing and growing a successful practice.

The Practice Success Program: Equipping In8 Leaders for Gr8ness is an innovative approach to preparing students to cope with the financial aspects of succeeding in business.

All these seminars will point students toward the target of becoming doctors of chiropractic equipped to obliterate their student loan debt within three to six years of graduationJen DePice

The Practice Success Program, an innovative 12-semester program that everyone stresses is not a class in the traditional sense, is the result of five years of planning and a year of piloting exchanges. The first formal sessions, with four doctors in each pod (each of these doctors with decades in practice), began this year. The program provides for three different TLC teams to be on campus for the first two days of each quarter.